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What readers are saying about The Zen of Global Transformation…

“…a blockbuster in all senses of the word—like a karate chop to wood—a clear-cut solution!!”—Maralyn Lois Polak, novelist, journalist, poet.

“…a fascinating and original construction, and one so elegantly composed. Quite remarkable, if I may say so.”—Derm Barrett, author, management consultant on change, creativity, and innovation.

“…intriguing, a self-creating venture, sprouted from reams of intellectual speculation… psyche-delicious!”—Frank Brown, Sonoma County, California.

“I read your contribution, The Zen of Global Transformation tonight and I must post to say Thank You for this! Herein, you have given us many answers. Of course! this is the answer to the ‘how’ to bring this world together and it was always right there! One more thing I want to thank you for, I have a new ambition, I want to be a Dynamic Facilitator!”—Debralee Acs, North Carolina, member of Urantia Book Readers Network.

“Nasrudin was right. Telling us what was at the end of his writing would not have done much to engage us. We’ve all read so much about consensus and community that the words are just two waves in an ocean of understanding.”—Diana Morley, writer and editor, Ashland, Oregon.

“Very well thought out and written. Congratulations to us all! May the consensus be a resounding, ‘Yes!’, and may our many small paths join in wide avenues of change for a kinder world.”—David Cameron, co-founder EarthSea Shamanic Ecovillage, alternative sustainable life designer.